A View From Farm League

We got together and started Farm League for a reason. A bunch of reasons, actually. Like that life is too big (and fun and great and instructive) to keep separate from work. And that faking it is the lamest, worst, most uninspired thing a person can spend their time on. Also that our combined experiences and ideas make us better at what we do. We have learned that production is like surfing is like farming is like gardening is like sports is like family, and that being some kind of special insider just means your world is that much smaller.

Our combined work entails filmmaking, distribution, events, merchandising, book design, product design, film jackets, jacket jackets, posters, art shows, photography, motion graphics, PR, and live music. What do you call this? Most people noodle some phrase like “branded content company.” If Branded Content Company is short for bringing tons of creativity, integrity, and heart, then yes, that is us. The world changes, and we paddle right along.

Welcome to Farm League. We’re straight shooters. We’ve got hustle. We like to make great stuff. And most of all, we’re on your team.