Corey Adams

Some people study stories to figure out how they work. Other people live them. And then, there’s Corey Adams. His first foray into directing involved two weeks on a chicken farm, the Hell’s Angels, and $15,000 in unmarked Canadian bills, resulting in a rather unconventional web series about a couple of Canada’s most entrepreneurial hillbillies. His second and third films came into being when Corey won over a million American dollars in production money from Fuel TV, which he promptly converted into a one-way ticket to that liminal space where the surreal meets the familiar. Corey’s second feature, “Machotaildrop,” is a hairy love letter to skateboarding that is excelled on the festival circuit. His work is joyful, wry, transgressive, paradoxical, absurdist, magically-real, humane, not to mention funny, smart, mannered, loopy, artful, daring, warm, and funny. And we’re saying funny twice, because that’s how funny he is.