Tim Wheeler

We can likely thank Tim Wheeler’s parents for feeding him a steady stream of Neil Young song and lore from cradle to college that inspired in him the passion for music, film, and adventure. Tim—also affectionately known as “Wheels”—quickly earned his stripes in filmmaking working as camera operator, editor, producer, and director on a variety of projects–oftentimes wearing several of these mantles at once.  This behind-the-lens, Swiss-army-knife-like versatility would over time merit Wheels with a reputation as a reliable storyteller as seen in his work on such documentaries as the Grammy nominated ¡Cuatro!, 180° South, and The White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights.  His keen dexterity in multiple film genres is evident in spots he has shot for Ford, The North Face, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Levi’s.  Bring him a broad theme, a challenging task, or just sheer enthusiasm for an embryonic concept, and he’ll deliver you a coherent narrative with elegance, efficiency, and excitement—that is, as long as the Lakers aren’t ballin’ that evening.