Farm League

Founded in 2011 by Tim Lynch, Farm League is known for making content that cuts through the noise. Our stories are engaging, imaginative, and real. Our collaborators are experienced, thoughtful, and passionate.

We know the secret ingredients to spinning a compelling narrative, and we’re never afraid to share that recipe with our partners. So let’s get cookin’.


Big or small, we have a passion for telling stories for forward-thinking brands. We can capture that lightning-bolt creative idea, hone it into something purposeful and strategic, and then execute all the way from ideation to event screenings.

These collaborations come in the form of broadcast brand anthems, social snippets, engaging original series, and feature films.

& Execution

Confidence comes from experience. Swimming with sharks. Surprise tornadoes. High-speed car chases. We’ve seen it all and we always deliver.

Our crews are composed of seasoned industry vets — producers, project managers and key roles that have been working together in the trenches for years.

Editorial &


We understand the need for brevity, but we also know how to let a moment breathe. Our editorial team can split a :60 into a complete suite of social assets and cut-downs, and they can lace together weeks of filming into an exhilarating feature.

Our deep network of animators and mixed media specialists can integrate hand-drawn graphics, stop motion, archival footage, and hell, probably even newspaper clippings and box of kaleidoscopes if needed.