Documenting Life At 11,000 Feet
Documenting Life At 11,000 Feet

Documenting Life At 11,000 Feet

Director Taimi Arvidson documents a life of solitude, reflection and deep respect for the mountain for Alterra Mountain Company & Ikon Pass.

For Vince Valencia, home is 11,000 feet up in the Sierra Nevada range, and for the last 20 years he’s been the eyes and ears for Mammoth Mountain as a winter caretaker during some of the harshest weather conditions recorded. He's seen sustained winds of 160mph and 700+ inches of snowfall, all on his own

Ikon Pass

My Peak (Full) — Taimi Arvidson

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With record-breaking snowfall in the 2022/23 season, we were grateful to be the first to share the summit with him during a winter storm and document a day in his life. Through her honed documentarian approach and her experience filming in impossible-to-access places, Taimi taps into Vince's mindset and motivations that allow him to coexist with the elements while shining a light on the demanding tasks that come with the job.

Read more about Vince and his story here.

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